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Let us as Africans, borne of our Creator, ask ourselves one question;

how can we use our skills, knowledge, talent or unique gift, in the building of a unified Africa? 

Thats the only question Karen McKlaren our resident host wants to ask.

As a people, we’ve been apart for too long! Some of us are descendants of those stolen into slavery, others were born on the continent but had to survive colonisation, not to mention the onslaught of neo-colonialisation and a myriad of other trials. However, our desire for a better life is universal. Lets get on code and make it together!

Whether you’re born in an African country, the Caribbean, Europe, USA or elsewhere, its time for us to remove the physical, geographic, and spiritual barriers between us, open our hearts to each other and return to some family values, regardless of where we are currently based around the globe.

Let us, through dialogue and making purposeful connections, strategically build one unity and a better future for us all.

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